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Web Development / PERL Programming
Currently, I work as a programmer. My eventual goals involve GPS, Linux, dynamically generated maps, and photos. Oh, and a database backend to support it. While we're at it, it will use LDAP to store and replicate information.
Mechanical Engineering
Here is my resume for mechanical engineering. I have worked in a variety of fields giving myself a diverse experience.

Programming PERL

I like to program in PERL. It is my language of choice for making a web page dynamic. My creations of which I am most proud are my database interface and my mini map server. I have created a page where I feature programs, titled Coin du PERL, I have written in PERL. I have also been working with Minivend written in PERL by Mike Heins.


Pontiac Ventura II
When I was trying to sell my Pontiac Ventura II which I drove for ten years and which my father drove before that, I made a web page for it. Interestingly I discovered there are collectors out there. The car had a significant nastolgic value to it, so I felt as if I had to remember it by photographing it.


Comments from me.
My home page just before this used to contain only comments from me. I moved them over here when I designed my new web page. My new web page will have comments from me too, yet I hope people find it easier to navigate to other areas within my home page site.

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